The Joanna Southcott beakers

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The Joanna Southcott beakers

The beaker is one of a pair used in the Communion service by followers of the local prophetess Joanna Southcott. They were made c. 1809; their wheel-cut decoration includes scenes from the prophesies of Joanna Southcott. The scene shown here is of Joanna and Shiloh beneath an apple tree.

Joanna Southcott (1750-1814) lived much of her life as a domestic servant in Devon. She was born in Ottery St Mary and at the age of 40 moved to Exeter, where she joined the Wesleyans and received her first visions. She later moved to London where her prophecies attracted a wide circle of followers in the city and in other parts of Britain.

Acknowledgments: RAM Museum

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