Penny of Aethelred II struck at Exeter

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Penny of Aethelred II struck at Exeter

The silver pennies of the distinctive Long Cross issue were struck for Aethelred II in many mints all over England in the years 997-1003; this particular example was struck in Exeter. It shows Aethelred wearing a cloak with a brooch at one shoulder and is not a portrait in the modern sense. The legend reads ‘AEDELRAED REX ANGLO’ (Aethelred King of the English); the D is pronounced ‘th’; the letter ‘ae’ are joined together as a dipthong.

The reverse of the penny, not shown here, recorded the moneyer and the mint at which it was struck surrounding a Long Cross, which gave the issue its name.

Acknowledgments: © 2015 Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Exeter City CouncilRAM Museum

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