A product of the Exeter Art Pottery

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A product of the Exeter Art Pottery

The production of ornamental art pottery in Devon was fed by late Victorian taste for highly decorated household goods in bright colours. The principal centres making such wares were in Barnstaple and Torquay. In 1894 the partnership of Hart and Moist set up the Devon Art Pottery on Bonhay Road, subsequently moving to Willey's Avenue, Marsh Barton.

Made at the Exeter Art Pottery in 1892, this election tyg is decorated with coloured slips. The inscription, which commemorates the victory of Sir Stafford Northcote in the general election of 1892, reads: 'MAJORITY FOR NORTHCOTE, 555, IT WAS WELL ON THE CARDS, AS THE FRAY WAXED AND WANED, WITH THE TRUMPET-TONGUED RADS, DUNN IS WINNING, NOT ON ALL FOURS, WITH THE FACTS AS THEY REIGNED, BUT SIR STAFFORD, ALL FIRES CAME IN SPINNING.'

Acknowledgments: RAM Museum

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