Tours and trails

  • Historic Decorative Plasterwork in Devon

    Welcome to the historic decorative plasterwork trail which guides you to examples of fine historic decorative plasterwork around Devon

    Historic Decorative Plasterwork in Devon
  • Explore RAMM with Alfie

    Follow in the footsteps of Alfie the sparrow, the star of ‘Alfie’s Night Out’ – a children’s book created especially for RAMM’s 150th Anniversary by illustrator Victoria Byron and writer Conor Magee

    Explore RAMM with Alfie
  • Key Objects Trail

    A museum trail featuring our key objects with BSL, audio and subtitles

    Key Objects Trail
  • Explore Exeter's Sculpture

    Exeter’s Sculpture and Art

    Welcome to the public sculpture trail which guides you through Exeter’s interesting and diverse public sculptures and art

    Explore Exeter's Sculpture
  • The Great Exeter Garden Quest

    Welcome, traveller!

    You are an adventurous photographer, on a quest to discover Exeter's green spaces and the secrets they hold in plain sight

    The Great Exeter Garden Quest
  • Museum Architectural Trail

    Looking beyond RAMM's collection the trail provides an opportunity to an artistic view to parts of the museum that may go unnoticed

    Museum Architectural Trail
  • Rainbow Trail

    Welcome to the Rainbow Trail, which explores gender and sexual diversity across time, place and culture

    Rainbow Trail
  • Second World War

    This is the Exeter WWII Trail which allows you to explore the city centre and see objects and images from RAMM's collection placed into the context in which they were discovered, used or created

    Second World War
  • Peter Orlando Hutchinson

    A tour around the Down to Earth and Making History galleries highlighting key pieces from this prominent Devonian antiquarian's collection

    Peter Orlando Hutchinson
  • Harry Hems - a Victorian Craftsman

    Explore Exeter through the work of Harry Hems, a Victorian master craftsman and church restorer

    Harry Hems - a Victorian Craftsman
  • Healing, Protection and the Spirit World

    Illness affects everybody, regardless of whether they lived in the past or the present, near or far away

    Healing, Protection and the Spirit World
  • Tudor Exeter

    Welcome to the Tudor Exeter trail which guides you through Exeter city centre and much of its Tudor history

    Tudor Exeter
  • Treasures of the Museum

    Discover sixteen outstanding objects cared for by RAMM

    Treasures of the Museum
  • RAMM Sculpture Trail

    Take a journey through thousands of years of sculpture and history to find out how sculpture developed through the centuries

    RAMM Sculpture Trail
  • Bird Adventure

    Hi Explorer!
    This trail takes you around the world exploring different kinds of birds

    Bird Adventure
  • Art and Soul

    Explore Exeter using the Art & Soul trail to visit some fine gothic revival buildings and find the locations for many of the exhibits

    Art and Soul
  • RAMMusical

    Take this easy-to-use #RAMMusical trail to learn about the vast range of historical musical instruments in the museum