• Prehistory

    <AD55 AD

    The Palaeolithic (400,000 - 10,000 years ago)The Palaeolithic was the period in which people lived by hunting and gathering on the open tundra plains of Europe before the.....

  • Roman Fortress

    55 - 75 AD

    The Location Exeter was founded by the Roman army.....

    Roman Fortress
  • Roman Town

    75 - 400 AD

    The Town Following the departure of the legion, Exeter was chosen as the regional capital (‘civitas capital’) of the people of Devon and Cornwall - the Dumnonii.....

    Roman Town
  • Dark Age Town

    400 - 900 AD

    Following the virtual abandonment of the Roman town in the early 5th century, most of the area within the walls seems to have returned to agricultural use.....

    Dark Age Town
  • Saxon Town

    900 - 1068 AD

    After centuries when Exeter was virtually abandoned (excepting its monastery), town life was re-established at Exeter in late Saxon times.....

    Saxon Town
  • Norman Town

    1068 - 1200 AD

    Writing in the mid 12th century, the author of The Deeds of Stephen described Exeter thus:Exeter is a large town, with very ancient walls built by the Roman emperors, the fourth place, they say, in En.....

    Norman Town
  • Medieval City

    1200 - 1500 AD

    After the vigorous growth of the 10th and 11th centuries, Exeter experienced a prolonged period of more modest success in the later middle ages.....

    Medieval City
  • Tudor City

    1500 - 1640 AD

    The early Tudor period brought a dramatic rise in the city’s prosperity, and by the 1520s it had returned to a position among the top half-dozen English towns, after London, Norwich, York, Bristol a.....

    Tudor City
  • Civil War

    1642 - 1660 AD

    Exeter suffered terrible damage in the Civil War between Charles I and Parliament of 1642-6.....

    Civil War
  • Golden Age

    1660 - 1750 AD

    The years following the Restoration of Charles II in 1660 saw a spectacular rise in the city’s fortunes; between c.....

    Golden Age
  • Georgian City

    1750 - 1840 AD

    From the 1760s, Exeter people believed, until the early 19th century, ‘a spirit of improvement’ spread across the city.....

    Georgian City
  • Victorian City

    1840 - 1901 AD

    At the beginning of Victoria’s reign the city still faced very serious problems of disease and poverty.....

    Victorian City
  • Modern City

    1901 - today AD

    In 1900 Exeter still occupied about less than a third of the area of the modern built-up city.....

    Modern City