Dr William Musgrave

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Dr William Musgrave

William Musgrave (1665-1721) was a Fellow of New College, Oxford (1675-92); he also studied at Leiden University in the Netherlands, perhaps the leading scientific institution of the day. He was a Fellow, Secretary and Editor of the Royal Society and a Fellow of the College of Physicians.

In 1691 he settled in Exeter as a medical doctor in Musgrave Alley, since named after him. William and his wife Phillippa had a son and daughter, also called William and Phillippa.

Dr Musgrave is remembered both for his works on arthritis and also as the leading antiquary of his day in the city. When his friend William Stukeley visited the city he commented on Musgrave's fine library and collection of archaeological finds.

This in one of only three known paintings by the artist Thomas Hawker (1640-1725).

Acknowledgments: RAM Museum

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