Bust of Richard Vivian

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Bust of Richard Vivian

The bust, carved in Beer stone, formed part of the memorial to Richard Vivian in St George's church, South Street.

Mr Richard Davin, a costume historian, has commented as follows: 'Mr Vivian is wearing a coat (with buttons) and waistcoat over a shirt and fringed cravat. His peruke (wig) is of the style which would be worn on informal occasions and for travel, with a lock of hair falling on his left shoulder, tied in a 'Rammilles Knot'. This kind of dress was popular in the years c. 1725-30, but Vivian did not die until 1740, so the bust may have been commissioned before his death.'

Upon the demolition of St George's church in 1843, Vivian's monument was removed to St John's church in Fore Street. This in turn was demolished in 1937 and the bust moved again - to Mary Major Church in the Close. In 1971 this too was demolished and after some years the bust was brought to the RAM Museum.

Acknowledgments: RAM Museum

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