A soldier’s burial goods from Holloway Street

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A soldier’s burial goods from Holloway Street

This assemblage was the richest of the three found at the Valiant Soldier, although more than half the pit had been destroyed by later disturbances. It contains fragments of nine Samian vessels imported from southern Gaul, together with Lyons ware, with coarse wares supplied locally around the fortress and others imported from South East Dorset. A total of thirty different pottery vessels was represented. There were also four vessels of glass, two glass gaming counters and pieces of bone, charcoal and iron which perhaps represented organic objects.

The fine blue glass jar and figurine of Victory from this pit are illustrated separately.

Publication: Salvatore, J.P. 2001 ‘Three Roman Military Cremation Burials from Holloway Street, Exeter’ Proceedings of the Devon Archaeological Society (59) pp. 125-40.

Acknowledgments: RAM Museum

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