Measured drawing of Exeter Cathedral

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Measured drawing of Exeter Cathedral

This measured archaeological drawing was prepared by Stuart Blaylock and John Allan in the course of repair and conservation in the early 1980s. It provides a precise record of the image screen and its sculptures, and served as a base record in which fine details, such as the survival of traces of paint, medieval and later, was recorded.

This portion of screen has a complex structural history. The main medieval phases are described elsewhere. The lowest metre and the parapet were rebuilt by John Kendall. 1820; further repairs, especially to the parapet, followed in Bath stone in 1833-7 and Ketton stone in 1906-14.

Publication: J.P. Allan & S.R. Blaylock 1991, The Structural History of the West Front in F. Kelly (ed.) Medieval Art and Architecture at Exeter Cathedral, British Archaeological Association Conference Transaction XI, 94-115.

Acknowledgments: J. Allan S. Blaylock

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