A North Devon bowl of c 1600

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A North Devon bowl of c 1600

The bowl is a typical example of the coarse earthenwares made in the potteries of Barnstaple and Bideford: red earthenware tempered with coarse quartz sand (‘gravel temper’) and lead-glazed internally, the glaze usually being olive green in colour. North Devon bowls like this are commonly found on late 16th-century sites in Devon, and remained in use well into the 18th century. They are often heavily sooted, showing that they were used over the fire in cooking and making cream. This example was found in a group of c. 1600.

Publication: Allan, J.P. 1984 'Medieval and Post-Medieval Finds from Exeter 1971-1980', Exeter Archaeological Report 3, item no. 1996.

Acknowledgments: Exeter City Museums

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