Thomas Sharp’s view of Exeter from the North

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Thomas Sharp’s view of Exeter from the North

This view was drawn up by the town planner Thomas Sharp at the end of World War II showing his proposals for rebuilding the city. It was published in his book Exeter Phoenix (1946). At the foot of the view are Central Station and the proposed new bus station, with the line of the city wall extending across the view behind them. The view looks across the area now occupied by the Guildhall shopping centre (centre of view) towards the Cathedral in the distance.

Thomas Sharp envisaged a ‘green moat’ surrounding the city walls, outside which traffic would be carried by new streets by-passing the centre. He hoped to knock down the museum and replace it with a post-war building, reflecting the low esteem in which Victorian architecture was held in the 1940s. His ideas on this side of town largely failed to materialise.

Acknowledgments: RAM Museum

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